Niyogin; Powering ambitions, powering growth

Traditionally, culturally and professionally, India has consistently been the spearhead of skill, innovation and resilience. India’s rich culture, resources and vast diversity have added to its constant recognition.  Yet, outside the perceptive, urban bubbles of development, a striking lack of financial literacy, infrastructure and services has been a hindrance to the aspirations of millions.

To highlight a minimum number, atleast 900 Mn Indians situated in rural India coupled with small and medium enterprises in urban India have yearned for equal opportunities to break out of the vicious cycle of mediocrity. Limited access to resources, innovation and technology in this fast-paced digital world is playing a major role in further holding these segments from making a bound. A lack in the said areas also means inadequate access to financial literacy, services and solutions.

Niyogin; an enterprise visually involved in powering ambitions and powering growth, is actively working towards bridging critical financial gaps which riddle India’s rural and MSME ecosystem. By leveraging existing infrastructure and building state of art services and technology, Niyogin is ardently striving to build a financially inclusive India by bringing rural and urban areas under one sunshade.

Niyogin has created a financial universe that delivers solutions for credit, asset management, financial inclusion and software as a service on a single holistic platform. Through a partnership-led business model that has the potential to embrace about 3 lakhs financial professionals, 34 banks and 2.5 lakh+ Kirana stores, Niyogin is building a leading neobank infrastructure with open API, SDK integration and a ready-to-use platform aimed at innovation and customer-centricity; facilitating a new, empowered and inclusive future.

Its one-stop financial platform seeks to uplift the rural and 7.9 million MSMEs by reimagining not only its design but also its fundamental approach, whereby the incomes of these small businesses can be amplified while enabling 138 crore Indians to have access to outstanding financial products and services built by technology and on first in class innovation springing from a deep understanding of the needs of the traditionally excluded. It understands that only by adding fuel to the aspirations of the historically underserved can it power the engine of inclusion and sustained growth.

Niyogin; Powered by subsidiaries

iServeU Technology Private Limited

While its credit line and asset management solution extend to every segment of society, urban or rural, in need of financial requirement or assistance, respectively, its MicroATM, Domestic Money Transfer, Bharat Bill Payment System and Aadhaar-enabled Payment System, are a few amongst many services, are specifically aimed to penetrate and uplift the rural masses. Its open API allows the integration with business partners seamless and quick making it a phygital end-to-end solution.


Asset Management and Distribution is a scoring method of income augmentation over the years. With a paperless, hassle-free and digital approach, Niyogin is ensuring financial literacy and investment become an intrinsic part of individuals who reside in both, urban and rural India. The urban side of India, to a large extent, is already equipped with financial literacy, however, bringing rural India into its shade is a challenge Moneyfront has accepted and has already proven with an AUM of Rs 3000 crore.


Primitively, the rural and MSME segment were often left untouched due to their high-risk attribute; however, Niyogin understands that the most fruitful means of ensuring that development percolates to every level of society is to ensure equitable access to resources. It aims to bring a sea change in the way that resources can be effectively tapped into. Thus, it designs services that enable easy access to financial resources and empower meaningful outreach to India’s billion-strong potential customers.

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