The Small Business Finance Problem

Starting a business is easy, but it is tough to execute operations smoothly. There is immense competition nowadays as it has become necessary to ensure that your business is technically and technologically advanced. Especially when you are running a small business, you must fight against all odds, overcome all the financial challenges, and efficiently meet all the working capital requirements.

We help you find investors in starting a business

Every business owner does not have access to sufficient funds. Due to this, many small business owners face a financial challenge in maintaining an adequate cash flow. It becomes difficult for them to cover the company’s monthly bills or overhead expenses. So we Niyogin, offer assistance for the same.

To meet the short-term working capital requirements

For small business owners, liquidity is a significant financial challenge. Another financial challenge a new business owner faces is raising sufficient funds to run business operations efficiently and meet the working capital requirements. They are not able to evaluate the exact financial need to create a company less experienced. This is where Niyogin steps in to empower small businesses to achieve their visioned growth.

We help you in sticking to a budget

Another common challenge faced by a small business owner is budgeting. Small businesses need to stick to the planned budget. But sometimes, sticking to the scheduled budget becomes impossible due to financial emergencies. The reason is that small business owners’ sales and revenue are volatile. Nothing is defined in a small business.

How does Niyogin help Small Business Owners to Overcome Economic Challenges?

Niyogin FinTech Limited is a known non-banking finance company that offers financial assistance to micro, small, and medium enterprises. It is a Maharashtra-based company established in 2018. It was established with a vision to make our nation financially inclusive by offering quick financial assistance to MSMEs.

Our mission at Niyogin is to provide financial aid to small business entrepreneurs. We want to deeply understand and solve small business owners’ real challenges in running a business. Niyogin aims to offer collateral-free access to credit as every business owner cannot offer collateral against a loan, which significantly hampers business operations.

Niyogin understands that cash flow is the lifeblood of small business owners. By following the best of technology, we offer a holistic platform embracing the entire rural to developing urban MSME landscape providing credit, investments, financial inclusion, and SaaS services as a unique partner.

Equipped with the best technology

Niyogin plans to turn Kirana stores into financial kiosks by offering proper financial assistance. Niyogin uses the right technology to analyze the creditworthiness of loan applicants that are small business owners. Based on that, it helps them to cope with their financial obligations.

How Does Niyogin work?

  • Niyogin works in collaboration with product partners, BC agents, and BC partners in one place to provide financial assistance.
  • Products are Aadhaar-enabled payment systems.

Niyogin rural tech platform empowers its stakeholders by offering:

  • Providing financial assistance in the deepest of rural areas
  • Help in increasing the income of retailers
  • Keeps a customer-centric approach
  • Digital delivery
  • Offers collateral-free loan

Whether small business owners are looking for working capital, financial assistance for any small projects, or funds to expand their business operations, Niyogin delivers timely access to credit to small businesses at the best business loan interest rate and offers flexible tenure.

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