Niyogin’s vision for a more inclusive financial system in India

Niyogin FinTech Limited, established in 2018, is a non-banking finance company that offers financial assistance to micro, small, and medium enterprises in India through its holistic platform. This platform is designed mainly for mall business owners and aims to deliver collateral-free access to credit. Business owners cannot always offer collateral against the loan, which hampers business operations.

What sets Niyogin apart from its competitors?

These are the main factors that set Niyogin apart from other companies:

  • Trust
  • Reliability
  • Quick adaption to changing market dynamics
  • Honesty
  • Integration with application programming interfaces (APIs)

About Tashwinder Singh

The CEO of Niyogin, Tashwinder Singh, joined the company in October 2020. He has in-depth industry experience spanning the Indian market and is an expert in due diligence, investment banking, and creating principal investment strategies for asset management.

Plan of action for Niyogin

How will Niyogin accomplish its business goals? CEO Tashwinder Singh says that Niyogin is equipped with an experienced and dedicated team that helps small business owners easily meet their working capital requirements. Niyogin uses the best data, technology, and analytics to check the creditworthiness of its borrowers. Mr. Singh adds that Niyogin’s core is planned to become a world-class financial assistance platform with a robust tech infrastructure to meet the lending needs of small businesses.

CEO Tashwinder Singh says the firm will accomplish its mission through efficient access, diligent monitoring, effective origination, and by setting a market-based framework. Mr. Singh aims to pivot the business towards the neo-banking sector to democratize finance and serve the underserved or small segments of the Indian economy.

About neo banking

Neo banking is currently one of the emerging evolutionary sectors in the banking world. Neo banks are a kind of digital bank with no physical branches at all. Following the advent of the Covid 19 pandemic, neo-banking has become necessary. Unlike traditional banks, these lenders offer online money transfers and quick financial assistance.

Whether small business owners are looking for working capital, financial aid for small projects, or funds to expand their business operations, Niyogin delivers timely access to credit to small businesses at the best interest rates and flexible tenures.


In the MSME sector, Niyogin is one of the most robust financial platforms currently available. It is known for having the most acceptable revenue-sharing models. The firm operates using a hybrid model, and its primary target audience is retail stores in rural areas.

Niyogin recorded 18% sequential revenue growth and touched almost Rs. 2,000 crores in gross transaction value in the current quarter. According to its CEO, Tashwinder Singh, the company has validated its business model and is planning to invest incremental capital. The firm is also planning to win recognition for offering its partners the best holistic support system.

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