Role of AI in Credit Scoring


Approximately 1.5 billion individuals globally lack access to banking or comparable financial services. For the rest of us, less than half of those with bank accounts are eligible for lending. More intelligent credit assessment methods are needed to increase banks’ loan-making capacity. Thus, AI-driven credit scoring models have emerged as a game changer, providing more… Continue reading Role of AI in Credit Scoring

Challenges Faced by Fintech Companies Adopting AI

Artificial intelligence has emerged as a game changer in the fintech business, with enormous potential to transform operations, improve client experiences, and drive innovation. However, despite its promised benefits, fintech organizations confront a number of hurdles in properly implementing AI. Data Quality and Availability One of the key issues that fintechs encounter when using AI… Continue reading Challenges Faced by Fintech Companies Adopting AI

Hyperautomation through AI and ML

Hyperautomation in the financial domain refers to the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and robotic process automation (RPA) to automate complex business processes, reduce manual interventions and improve operational efficiency. It has become critical to everyday operational activities. AI and ML are critical components of hyperautomation because they enable automation tools to… Continue reading Hyperautomation through AI and ML

Multiexperience in Digital Transformation

Multiexperience is the practice of creating digital experiences across multiple touchpoints, such as mobile devices, wearables, smart speakers and other connected devices whereas digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies to fundamentally change the way businesses operate and deliver value to their customers. In the context of digital transformation, multiexperience plays a crucial… Continue reading Multiexperience in Digital Transformation