How Rural Businesses Can Tap into Fintech in India?

Niyogin_Fintech_Limited_How rural businesses can tap into fintech in India

The fintech market in India has been rapidly changing over the past few years, providing a considerable opportunity for rural businesses to improve their financial operations and growth prospects. By utilizing fintech, rural businesses in India can experience dramatic transformations and close the gap between conventional financial services and contemporary digital innovations.

In India, about  11.7% of adults do not own a bank account. Meanwhile, the Financial Inclusion Index in India is 56.4 based on ease of access, usage, lack of service, and inequality. Even though actions taken by the Reserve Bank of India and the Jan Dhan Yojana by the Prime Minister of India increased the number of people with bank accounts from the rural parts of the country, statistics show that over 85% of the bank accounts held by the marginalized or rural folks are non-functional and inactive. 

Here are a few ways rural businesses can leverage fintech:

  • Digital Payments and Transactions:

Fintech provides mobile payment apps and digital wallets that enable secure and immediate transactions, minimizing the need for cash. Through this convenience, rural enterprises can streamline operations and increase their consumer base.

  • Online lending platforms:

A lot of fintech platforms offer unconventional lending choices that make use of cutting-edge techniques for credit evaluation, allowing small enterprises in rural areas to access financing without the requirement for conventional collateral. This can encourage investment and business expansion.

  • Insurance Solutions:

Fintech can deliver streamlined, individually designed insurance policies that are suited to the special needs of rural businesses and offer defense against a range of threats.

  • Access to Investment Platforms:

Investment platforms can help rural enterprises by providing information and chances to invest extra money, possibly earning extra income.

  • Government Programmes and Subsidies:

By streamlining the application process for government incentives and subsidies, fintech can make sure that rural enterprises get the help to which they are entitled.

  • Education and Awareness:

Financial technology firms frequently offer instructional materials and training on how to utilize their platforms efficiently, enabling rural businesses to make the most of these capabilities.

Rural firms should first determine their unique needs and explore the available fintech solutions before attempting to leverage fintech. It’s crucial to pick platforms that are user-friendly, safe, and compatible with the objectives of the company. Developing digital literacy among stakeholders and staff is also essential for successful adoption. Rural businesses in India can open new doors for expansion, financial inclusion, and increased sustainability by embracing fintech.

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