Career opportunities in the Fintech space

Fintech ushered in as an unconventional way of banking but with time and acceptance, presently it is positioned strongly in the market. As per statistics, the Indian Fintech adoption rate is at a whopping 87% against a global average of 64%. This goes on to demonstrate how Fintech and its services are not just creating a stir in the market but also generating various opportunities to broaden the financial ecosystem.

The disruption is a result of an uncustomary way of lending, investing, client servicing and much more. The use of technology to improvise and optimize financial resources has evolved into a new way of banking. A report on the Future of FinTech and Banking by Accenture estimates that Global FinTech Investment will rise to USD 500 billion before the decade ends. FinTech is not only going to be an enabler but also the engine that will drive the Financial World.

Apart from revolutionizing the financial space, Fintech companies are also participating in generating employment opportunities that broaden an individual’s experience slate in the long run.

Fintech as a domain has evolved manifold over the years and has presented compelling job opportunities for individuals ready to go the extra mile and want to showcase a diverse career board. Here are some opportunities that will allow you to polish and grow your skills and career, respectively-

  1. Cybersecurity

With innovation in services, fraudsters have simultaneously innovated their ways of fraudulent activities. Experts in this domain claim that an increase in cybercrime will result in a tripling of job opportunities in this domain in the coming years. The entirety of Fintech is based on technology and therefore, they require experts and specialists who identify and mitigate threats to innovation.

  1. Developers

Developers have and will play an extremely critical role in the progress of Fintech over the years. They have developed robust programs that have eliminated the need for business intermediaries, reduced transaction costs, mitigated the need for middlemen and so on. With the participation of fresher minds in this domain along with the use of blockchain technology, AI, Machine Learning, etc., Fintech can expand tremendously in the coming years.

  1. Quantitative Analysts

Also known as ‘Quants’, specialists in this area guide security firms, investment banks and hedge funds in making informed decisions about markets, pricing and financial risk; much like robo-advisors but with real-time decision-making capabilities. Fintech startups invest in machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence to intensify their analysis. This has allowed them to develop algorithms that have helped companies reach their financial goals.

  1. Sales Force

The Sales Force is often the face of a company and the team that drives the entire financials. But, to drive effectively, it is imperative you know your product, services and market well. Individuals in sales are often the ones with the most knowledge about the domain and its offerings to efficiently build a clientele base. Having the said knowledge in the Fintech space is an add-on for future endeavors.

Innovation and the zest to transform the financial ecosystem continue to expand the Fintech space and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Individuals eager to become a part of this growing domain are those to strive to redefine conventional methods. Check out job opportunities with a unique Fintech- Niyogin to expand your knowledge pool in the banking industry.

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