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What is the Niyogin Platform?

Niyogin, a national neo-banking platform, aims to provide financial assistance to small and micro-scale enterprises. It gives SMEs and the unbanked access to funds and envisions enabling them with technologically-advanced solutions.

Niyogin is a technology-first platform that embraces the entire MSME landscape from rural to developing metropolitan areas. The platform aims to aid the government’s efforts of financial inclusion and financial literacy along with smooth credit, investment, and cloud-based software services.

The Niyogin Platform: Objective

The neo-banking concept aims at developing technology-based banking channels. Neobanks are online-only financial institutions without physical locations. As a result, lending institutions powered through Fintech companies and a network of channel partners provide accessibility to the unbanked to aid their different banking requirements. Niyogin offers various services, including lending, money transfers, and mobile-first financial solutions.

The Niyogin digital platform provides impeccable solutions to customers by making the experience accessible, seamless, and smooth. Making banking transactions smooth swiftly includes the unbanked in formal finance.

How does the Niyogin Platform work?

Rural Tech – Rural Tech of Niyogin, powered by the iServeU platform, enables registered partners and their retail locations to assist rural residents by offering local financial services.

Urban Tech – Its Urban Tech functions through a distribution network of financial experts supported by product partners. The aggregator platform offers MSMEs simple, total digital credit access (traditional banks & non-banking financial companies). 

For a smooth flow of credit and ease to its customers, the Niyogin platform forms a strategic alliance with financial institutions, enabling it to deliver services efficiently.

How can you secure a loan through the Niyogin Platform?

Niyogin Platform’s Urban-Tech segment deals with credit Solutions. There are two types of loans that members can avail themselves of:

Secured loan

  1. Against Property.
  2. Against Security.

Unsecured Loans

Whether there is a need for a business loan, a need to avail of a buy now pay later credit or a working capital loan to buy machinery; with the Niyogin platform, one can avail of all types of unsecured loans.

Niyogin works towards the enablement and advancement of small and micro industries through easy credit availability in a more straightforward form.

With one click on the link, enquire about the loans, and a financial partner will get in touch the same day to demonstrate Niyogin’s seamless credit process.


  • Completely digital process.
  • Quick approvals against security.
  • Higher level of credit against a property.
  • A highly competitive interest rate.
  • Easy EMIs.

Eligibility check is just a 3-step process

  • Apply for the loan with the Niyogin Platform.
  • Provide the necessary application details.
  • And voila, you are pre-qualified.

A prequalification technically means that if all the provided data, KYC, and other conditions of the partner institutions are clear, one can get a loan quickly.

Why Niyogin?

It is all about infrastructure; the Niyogin platform aids in utilizing the technologically advanced way of securing credit. With platform-based applications and various formats of credit availability, a customer enjoys the features of cutting-edge Neo banking.

Final Thoughts

The Niyogin Platform is designed to encompass the solution to the problems that small and micro businesses of India face, especially regarding access to credit. Niyogin Platform is an accurate picture of fintech in neo-banking. To secure a loan with the Niyogin platform, reach out by filling out the inquiry form online.

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